NetFusionTM - A Next Generation Web-based Application Framework
Web-based applications are rapidly becoming the de facto user interface (UI) for nearly every application deployed in today's businesses. Developing responsive, powerful applications requires rich UI functionality that is typically not available in simple web-based applications. Customizing these application UI's for each user is also a problem that is only addressed in the current generation of simple portal products. NetFusionTM empowers the user with customizable application interfaces. Latitude's NetFusion lays the foundation for developers to rapidly build powerful web-based applications and collaborative portals in a fraction of the time it would take with other products.

The NetFusionTM Framework
How? We've developed an application framework - NetFusion Framework for Microsoft .NET. It provides a feature rich framework upon which developers can more rapdily build web-based applications. Built entirely on the Microsoft .NET framework and managed code, NetFusion is a comprehensive set of software components that feature, simplified component integration, robust event logging, and integrated security management. NetFusion also provides a powerful development model to create applications with true separation of business and presentation logic, enabling developers or even end-users to customize, expand, and enhance applications rapidly and easily - saving both time and money.

NetFusion Benefits for Enterprise-Level Applications

NetFusion offers many benefits to web-application developers:

Speed Application Development: NetFusion simplifies the complexities of developing various application sub-systems. It provides easy-to-use components and enforces best-practice methodologies to promote consistent development for high performance and scalable appliations. It is designed for extensibility and compatibility with the .NET model. It does not replace the .NET framework, but rather supplements it with powerful pre-build components.

Successful Software Project Deployment: Using NetFusion tools and methodologies helps businesses produce sound, working, and configurable applications - that perform, scale, and are reliable.

Adaptable Delivery: NetFusion is adaptable on the front-end by providing the ability to target multiple delivery channels (browsers, LAN-connected workstations, mobile devices, web-services, etc.). NetFusion, with its open architecture, is also adaptable on the back-end by running on, and providing access to, multiple databases.

Reusability: The NetFusion application framework promotes reusability of business components. It is composed of large-grained reusable foundation services designed and built by a team of talented architects and developers.

Modular Consistency: NetFusion provides a solid application framework. This framework makes development more consistent and regular across a development project, and between development projects. The modularity provides consistency and results in fewer bugs. Applications are easier build, integrate, test, and maintain.

Scalability: The NetFusion application model enforces both stateless and stateful, multi-tiered, load-balanced architecture for maximum scalability.

Flexibility: NetFusion is a highly configurable application platform. This provides tremendous flexibility, but managing configurations can become a difficult task. NetFusion provides powerful tools to help manage application configuration without losing flexibility or security.

Leverage: NetFusion makes your teams more scalable and better leveraged because every team member does not need to be an expert. Team members build business components to be dynamically assembled by the application framework. Thus allowing team members to loosely couple their components, enforcing maximum component re-use.